What and who (and where) is The Jewelry Studio and Llyn Longwell?


A little history — After a career change and working in metal smithing and jewelry design, several of us opened a gallery and workshop in Oak Park. Later, pursuing fine jewelry led me to find and partner with Diane Richardson owner of The Gold Hatpin, a collector and expert in antique jewelry.  Together we decided to open a unique shop having both antique and fine jewelry along with contemporary and custom designed pieces.  Now The Jewelry Studio represents my 25 years or so of loving jewelry– designing it, fabricating it, finding it in lost corners and finally bringing it to you my customers at the best price possible.   It’s an exciting shop with jewelry from across the ages, from many countries, styles and prices.  At any time you will find diamond earrings, filigree necklaces, silver bangles and always Diane’s very special antique diamond engagement rings.  Or, we could show you the latest in the kinds of designs featured at Tiffanys or in Vogue. It’s all here, rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces in gold, platinum and silver elegantly simple or set with diamonds, pearls, sapphires and many other precious and semi-precious stones.


Now to the Where–The Jewelry Studio is in historical DownTown Oak Park, just west of Chicago, a short walk from the Green line, tucked inside Oak Park Antiques–125 North Marion. There’s plenty of parking; just call (708) 445-0610 and we can give you directions; lunch recommendations, too, if you’d like.