delicate jewelry repair

Jewelry Repair

We can repair many things more conventional jewelry stores won’t touch. Few jobs are too complex or materials too hard-to-find. And we can help you take proper care of the pieces you already have–tightening or retipping prongs, cleaning, restringing and other important maintenance.


  • Both simple and complicated professional repair and restoration; a piece may be too big, too little, clasps broken, difficult to maneuver loose or broken stones.
  • Wristwatches and pocket watches with problems from just batteries to mainsprings can be helped.
  • A thorough cleaning can give a piece new life.


Our experience with period jewelry has given us the experience necessary to properly repair your special pieces.

Hands-on working with gold, platinum and silver and (the very time consuming) lapidary wheel has helped me gain a body of knowledge for expertise in repair work.  Antiques need special care and even new pieces carry risks.  For example, what kind of repair work has already been done?  If you guess wrong, your gold ring could end up in a puddle of metal; Size a ring?  Sure–but what if the ring has an emerald?  Oops!  Now you’ve got a ugly discolored stone…  My network of connections with craftspeople has opened the door to the use of new technology to deal with delicate problems such as laser welding for sensitive stones.  Wrist watches and pocket watches usually just need a battery–but if they are older, cleaning and maybe a new crystal or even new dial face can be just what you want.