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As I watch GoPro and LinkedIn, two high flying stocks of not that ago long, come back to earth my brain is drawn to two much told tales. The foremost is the Greek misconception about Icarus, a guy who acquired wings of feathers and polish, but then soared so high that the sun melted his wings and he fell to globe. The other is that of Lazarus, who in the biblical story, is elevated from the lifeless, four days after his burial.

As investors, the decision that we face with LinkedIn and GoPro is whether like Icarus, they soared too high and also have been scorched (perhaps permanently) or like Lazarus, they’ll come back to life. GoPro: Camera, Smart Phone Accessory or SOCIAL NETWORKING Company? 93.85 in October of that year. In the last year, GoPro lost much of its luster as its product offerings have aged and sales growth has lagged expectations. It is a testimonial to these lowered expectations that traders were expecting revenues to drop, relative to the same quarter in the prior year, in the newest quarterly cash flow survey from the company.

The company reported that it not only grew slower and shipped fewer units than expected in the newest quarter, but suggested that future revenues would be less than expected also. While the company‚Äôs defense was that consumers were waiting for the new GoPro 5, expected in 2016, investors weren’t assuaged. 9.78, right after the announcement.

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12.81, there is a 68% chance that the stock is under respected, at least based on my assumptions. I am aware of the potential risks inlayed in this valuation completely. Linkedin: THE WEB Networking Alternative? LinkedIn went public in-may 2011, about a year ahead of Facebook and can thus be looked at among the more seasoned social media companies in the market. Although it often lumped up with other sociable media companies, Linkedin differs at two levels.

The first is that it is less dependent on advertising profits than other cultural mass media companies, deriving almost 80% of its profits from high quality subscriptions it markets its customers and from coordinating people up to careers. Linkedin delivered profits and revenue amounts that were higher then goals and much of the negative response seems to have been to the assistance in the survey.

While I have not appreciated Linkedin explicitly with this blog for the last few years, it has been a ongoing company that has impressed me for a simple reason. 15.3 billion in income in steady condition (a decade from now), and a target pre-tax operating margin of 18%, lower than my focus on margins for Facebook, reflecting the lower margins in the manpower business. 103.49, about 10% below where in fact the market is pricing the stock right now. At its current stock price, there is about a 40% chance that the company is under respected. When you have wanted to keep LinkedIn stock, and also have been put off by the prices, the price is tantalizingly near to making it happen.