PRODUCE A Medical Practice Website In Two Easy Steps

Answer: I built it myself with an application called WordPress. WordPress was designed as a blog creation tool originally. It power 22 percent of all websites on the Internet now. Establishing a blog is the easiest way to get started promoting yourself online. Actually, it’s the most foundational marketing move you can make. Even though you don’t have a “website” for yourself (not only your practice website), you can easily set up a blog for little if any cost, and start getting found by potential patients online.

I recommend WordPress for any physician who wants to manage his online existence and reputation. This article will highlight the differences and I’ll end with my recommendation. There are pros and cons to each version of WordPress. Here are the major things to know about each one. Anyone can join a WordPress account and start a blog for free.

No continuing fees and no upfront costs. This is actually the quickest way to begin with blogging online. Think of blogging as there getting the experience “out,” online, where potential patients can find it. You want that given information associated with your name. Remember it’s the content of your website that is your greatest online asset.

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Your voice and perspective are unique. No-one can duplicate it. But, nobody will find out about it until you write about it. WordPress will let you do that easily – just subscribe, pick a true name for your site, and start writing. You can even build a bare bones practice website out of the WordPress blog. For example, produce a homepage that welcomes patients and explains what you offer. It’s not elegant, but it’s a piece of online real property you possess and control, which only a minority of specific doctors have.

You can also web page link such a niche site to social press pages on Facebook or Twitter, both free to set up and use for practice promotion. per year for one website 100. You don’t worry about upgrading software or paying recurring fees or fixing something if it breaks. Although the dot-org version of WordPress requires more technical knowledge, the learning curve is not unreasonable for some physicians.

Plenty of help is present on YouTube and Google for WordPress beginners. For those of you who cannot imagine spending the right time for you to learn how to set this up for yourselves, there are many blog set-up services available online who’ll get you began. The biggest hurdle to success in online practice advertising is not taking action. Set up a simple website with your practice information onto it, and expand from there! You can always convert your free dot-com WordPress site to a better dot-org site down the road.