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Welcome to another edition of the “Shabby Chic” Frugal Farm Lifestyle! If you haven’t yet delved in to the world of curtain covers, I am very happy to introduce one to them. They are the frugal decorator’s best friend! All you have to can be an in-expensive spring-rod plus some surplus fabric (such as a tablecloth, curtain -panel, level sheet, you name it) and wonders are made! This idea was the answer to many-a-problem inside our old farmhouse and can help “remodel” many areas in your home. I am able to find beautiful materials in various forms at used stores for simply a few dollars and these gems can transform!

Like the Proverbs 31 woman before us, we can make-shift our own modern “coverings of tapestry” to embellish the humble parts of our home! Here you see the author of this blog doesn’t have a commercial kitchen! She makes do. The drawers wouldn’t open up well because these were warped so I removed two of the four and positioned a large basket inside each remaining one.

This took care of the problem and still provided me extra drawer space because of the deeper drawers the baskets allowed. The kitchen sink was 6 in . below standard size and we didn’t have warm water for some time. Why is this “shabby stylish” is that you are able to cover the “eyesores” behind the curtains while introducing a pleasant printing to your home decoration.

For instance, our kitchen was a functioning kitchen whenever we moved onto the homestead hardly. The one cabinet our sink had wouldn’t open and close (without a lot of force) and was very undesirable to check out. We couldn’t afford “new” anything therefore i simply removed the cupboard doors, inserted an old shower curtain pole over the area and hung a fairly panel I needed.

I didn’t even sew it (it was security pinned in place!). 5 years later, we could actually raise the sink (that I am so thankful as my back again was taking a conquering), add warm water and purchase a fresh counter top. However, the cupboards were still from the budget so the curtain cover comes to the recovery again!

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As a aspect note, my husband changed those difficult drawers into shelves for me. The 3rd shelf lacks a container that suits so a plastic material tub rests there until something can be found frugally. This is actually the same area in the kitchen (only coated) and with a different drape cover!

When I feel such as a “remodel” or want to decorate with the seasons, all I need is a brand new little bit of fabric to improve the look of everything and with little or no cost! 1: This curtain cover hides a door which has a gap in it with an air conditioning equipment sticking out!